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LED Ceiling Mount Light


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Security: the shade should using not easy to damage material, better for no-glass material.
Light transmission: the shade material need to be even with high transmission but can't show the light source.
Durability: Good quality chip and driver.

The unique novel beautiful and decorative design, using the no-broken panel.
The light fixture body is strong and durable, the surface handled by special technology with good heat dissipation.
With built-in high photosynthetic efficiency LED chip, energy saving, high efficiency, long life, pollution free.
Suitable for hotel, club, corridor space decorative lighting places.

Input Voltage:AC 110-240V
light source type:COB
Beam angle:12° /24°
Luminous Flux:2100Lm
CRI:> 80Ra
Color Temperature:3000K /4000K/6000K
Material: Aluminum
Carton Size(cm):46×31×36.5
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