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LED Down Light


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The LED down light is made of novel environment friendly Aluminumm with CNC technology. The surface handled by anodic oxidation, keeping beautiful and durable never rust. The personalized appearance fully reflects the popular trend of post-modern residence and business design. LED down light can be adjusted according to different applications, lighting design combining Aluminumm make the non-glare light and high light efficiency combining the characteristics of optical technology and classic subtle structural design, creating elegant, sophisticated, romantic household and commercial space lighting. The fixture body is made by die-casting Aluminumm; The surface is handled by double layers anti-corrosion electrostatic spraying, the surface is evenly and will never expose the base, been blistering or pinholes etc., the resistant to corrosion, wear-resisting force and adhesion are enhanced highly; The power cord is high grade fireproof wire; With stainless steel clips, can be mounted on different thickness ceilings. Special frame design perfect integrated with ceiling. Built-in high power LED light source with adjustable built-in driver.

Input Voltage:AC 110-240V
light source type:COB
Beam angle:12° /26° /36°
Luminous Flux:670Lm
CRI:> 80Ra
Color Temperature:3000K /4000K/6000K
Material: Aluminum
Carton Size(cm):42.5×22.5×27
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