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LED Grille Light


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Low power consumption with environmental protection material. The luminous efficiency and brightness are superior than traditional grille lamp. Start immediately by on power, no flickering, no glare, no noise, built-in efficient protection system. The outer frame is made of anodic oxidation Aluminumm alloy, elegant compact design with COB light source. Illumination even with soft comfortable but bright, it can alleviate eye fatigue. The LED grille light can be adjusted according to different applications, lighting design combining Aluminumm make the non-glare light and high light efficiency combining the characteristics of optical technology and classic subtle structural design, creating elegant, sophisticated, romantic household and commercial space lighting.

Input Voltage:AC 110-240V
light source type:COB
Beam angle:12° /24° /60°
Luminous Flux:2450Lm
CRI:> 80Ra
Color Temperature:3000K /4000K/6000K
Material: Aluminum
Carton Size(cm):43×38×55
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